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Dr. No The Three Blind Mice (Eric Coverley, Charles Edghill, and Henry Lopez)

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The Three Blind Mice (Eric Coverley, Charles Edghill, and Henry Lopez)

See How They Drive (Off a Cliff)

The "Three Blind Mice" are a trio of assassins who disguise themselves as blind panhandlers to sneak onto the grounds of a country club and kill Strangways. They're ruthless, pretending to take a coin from Strangways in an outstretched tin cup, then shooting the man multiple times in cold blood.

Their getaway vehicle is, appropriately, a hearse. They later chase Bond in the hearse, but careen off a cliff and explode. Maybe one of them was actually blind after all?

Once again, we're left thinking about the Bond franchise's sketchy relationship with race. Even though the film is set in Jamaica, the only black people who are main characters are shown as working for a white man. The "mice," who aren't given individual names, answer to Dr. No's orders, just as Quarrel works for Leiter before lending his services to Bond.

We're not expecting scathing cultural commentary from a Bond movie. Instead, the movie serves as an artifact of the time. Although Jamaica has received its independence, its people are still dependent on outsiders for employment. Assassins have to feed themselves, too, so they have to work for whomever is hiring.

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