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Dr. No Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Bond travels to Government House and asks for all the information they have on Dr. No and Crab Key.
  • Here's the poop: Dr. No runs his bauxite mine on Crab Key like "a concentration camp."
  • Too soon, man. Too soon.
  • Unfortunately the files on Dr. No are gone. Strangways had them and they've been missing ever since he disappeared.
  • Bond picks up a package that has been delivered to him from his home office, then he leaves.
  • He finds the secretary, Miss Taro, listening at the keyhole.
  • She swears she was just looking for files in a nearby filing cabinet.
  • Bond asks her to show him around the island that afternoon. Maybe she can show him right to Dr. No's hiding place.

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