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Dr. No Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • Miss Taro, fresh from the shower in a towel and gold heels (also what we wear in the shower), answers the door when Bond arrives.
  • She seems surprised to see him alive.
  • The phone rings, and Taro answers it. She tells the person on the other line that she'll try and stall Bond for a couple of hours.
  • Bond enters the bedroom and removes her towel. It seems he has his own idea how to spend a few hours.
  • Later that night, the two fight like a married couple over whether to go out to eat or stay in.
  • For some reason, he calls a taxi even though he drove there earlier.
  • He tells Miss Taro that the car wouldn't start, even though he's been inside revving his own engine all night.
  • She falls for it, and Bond leads her to the "taxi" which is really a police car. They take her away.
  • Bond returns to her bungalow to snoop. And to drink all her liquor.
  • He puts pillows in her bed to make it look like she's sleeping, then he sits in the corner with his gun at the ready.
  • Who will her nighttime visitor be?

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