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Dr. No Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • Bond meets Leiter and Quarrel for a midnight boat ride to Crab Key. How romantic.
  • Close to Crab Key, Quarrel cuts the engine, and they paddle in under the moonlight.
  • And by "they," we mean "Quarrel."
  • They hide the boat inside a little tropical grotto and set up camp for the night.
  • When Bond awakes, he spies a beautiful woman in a tiny bikini emerging from the ocean.
  • She's singing to a pair of seashells. Hmm.
  • Bond approaches her, and she pulls a knife on him.
  • He convinces her to let her guard down, and she tells him that her name is Honey Ryder.
  • Of course it is.
  • A boat speeds toward them, so they run toward the jungle to hide.
  • The man on the boat yells through a megaphone, telling them to surrender.
  • Bond and Honey remain hidden as the boat opens fire on the beach with a machine gun.
  • The boatman says they'll return…with dogs.
  • Quarrel runs over and gives Bond the old "I told you so."
  • Bond tells Quarrel that was a machine gun, not a dragon.
  • But Honey swears she's seen the fire-breathing dragon too. Yes, let's listen to the woman who sings to seashells.

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