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Dr. No Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • Bond tells Honey to go home, but when they uncover her boat, it's been riddled with bullets. She's not going anywhere.
  • With Quarrel, they retreat inland, but the gunmen quickly catch up to them.
  • Bond cuts little tubes of bamboo, and they hide underwater, using the shoots to breathe.
  • Bond gets all his best tricks from Looney Tunes.
  • The men pass by without noticing them.
  • But then another man passes by, so back under the water they go.
  • When the man walks by, Bond emerges from the water and kills him.
  • Quarrel, Honey, and Bond leave the swampy area and find a lovely spring.
  • Bond and Honey bathe in the spring, but are startled when Quarrel yells that he's found "dragon tracks."
  • Bond's eyes almost roll out of his head, but he agrees to let Quarrel stand watch for the dragon.
  • Nearby, Honey and Bond chat.
  • Honey says she thinks Dr. No killed her father, a marine zoologist.
  • She stayed with a family friend, rent-free, until he forced his way into her room and raped her. Whoa, this just got serious.
  • She put a black widow spider in his bed. "It took him a week to die," Honey says.
  • Even Bond seems startled by that method of revenge.

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