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Dr. No Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Quarrel has spotted the dragon.
  • He fetches Bond and Honey and leads them to the swamp where he witnessed it.
  • It appears to be a big vehicle with a hood-mounted flamethrower, and paint on the front to look like big sharp teeth.
  • Bond and Quarrel shoot at the vehicle, but the dragon torches Quarrel to death.
  • Men emerge from the dragon and take Honey and Bond captive.
  • Inside No's lair, all the men wear radiation suits.
  • They say that Bond and Honey are contaminated from being in the swamp, and they strip them and scrub them.
  • At least they get fluffy blue robes at the end of the process.
  • Freshly decontaminated, they are admitted into Dr. No's subterranean lair by two women dressed in white nurse's clothes—Sister Rose and Sister Lily.
  • The sisters tell Bond he's been invited to dinner with Dr. No. How cordial.
  • In the meantime, Bond and Honey are admitted to two fancy bedrooms. One even has a bookshelf built into the wall!
  • We wish we were being held captive by a mad criminal mastermind.

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