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Dr. No Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • Bond wakes up in a much less-fancy prison cell. Just a cot. No fancy shower, huge bed, or wardrobe full of clothes.
  • He attempts to pry the bars off an air vent, but they're electrified. Shocking.
  • Bond uses his little slipper to bang the grate open, and he enters the ventilation duct.
  • Sean Connery's stunt double—it's so obvious—slides down a vertical shaft.
  • In the next section of the tunnel, Bond is almost washed away by a torrent of water.
  • Finally, Bond emerges from the tunnel. He kills a nearby guard and steals his radiation suit.
  • Concealed in the suit, Bond enters No's control room.
  • No is positioned at a computer terminal, ready to interfere with a U.S. missile launch.
  • A nearby henchman turns a wheel that is literally on a device that says "DANGER LEVEL."
  • Dr. No initiates a large satellite, which will broadcast a radio beam to "topple" the missile.
  • To sabotage No's plan, Bond cranks the DANGER LEVEL to the max, way above the recommended DANGER LEVEL of 25.
  • He creates enough of a distraction that the missile launch goes off without a hitch.
  • No attacks Bond, and the two struggle on a platform above boiling radioactive water.
  • Bond wins the fight, and No slips away into the bubbling pool. Bye-bye, No-No.

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