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Dr. No Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

  • It's chaos in the lair as everyone rushes to evacuate.
  • Bond finds Honey, who has been chained to a platform in a room filling with water.
  • He releases her, and they flee the facility.
  • They find a boat and throw the men on it overboard.
  • As they motor away, Dr. No's lair explodes. Boom.
  • In the middle of the ocean, Bond's motorboat runs out of fuel.
  • Leiter shows up to tow the boat ashore, but Bond would rather spend more time bouncing on the waves with Honey.
  • He releases the rope attached to Leiter's tow, leaving their little boat bobbing by itself at sea.
  • Hey, if the boat's a-rocking…

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