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Dr. No Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Bond enters the office, tosses his hat onto the rack, and flirts with Moneypenny. His typical office routine.
  • He is summoned into M's office to be briefed on the situation in Jamaica.
  • Their agent, Strangways, has disappeared.
  • He was investigating a claim that someone is interfering with American rockets, and now he's gone.
  • M asks if "toppling" means anything to Bond.
  • In addition to Bond's towering stack of casino chips, it also means throwing a rocket's tracking system off balance, forcing it to hit the wrong target.
  • Bond is booked to fly to Kingston to meet a CIA agent named Leiter for more information.
  • M forces Bond to carry a new gun: a Walther PPK, which M says has more stopping power than Bond's standard Beretta.
  • Then M says he'll have additional documents sent to Bond at the airport in a "self-destructor" bag. Wow, airplane security was a lot more relaxed in the '60s.

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