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Dr. No Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • Arriving in Jamaica, Bond is photographed by a pretty woman. This is how TMZ got started.
  • Outside the airport, Bond is approached by Mr. Jones, a chauffeur for the Government House.
  • Bond gives Mr. Jones his bag and goes to a payphone to check his hotel reservation.
  • Of course, Bond is no fool. He calls the Government House and asks if they sent a car to meet him.
  • Nope. They didn't.
  • Bond still gets in the car, though. Stranger danger!
  • He asks Mr. Jones to "take him for a ride." And on the ride, the driver realizes they're being followed. Who's the bad guy here?
  • Jones speeds down the narrow Jamaica roads and evades his pursuer.
  • Bond thanks the driver by pressing a gun to his back and demanding to know who he works for.
  • Jones goes for a gun in the glove compartment, but Bond karate chops his hand.
  • The two fight outside the car, and Bond roughs Jones up until he finally talks.
  • But first, Jones wants a cigarette.
  • He bites the cigarette and dies. Tobacco kills, kids.

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