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Dr. No Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Bond drives to the Government House with the dead man in the backseat.
  • With the head of Government House, they realize there was cyanide inside his cigarettes.
  • Bond wants to meet the people who were last to see Strangways.
  • The Commissioner says he can arrange a meeting at the club that night.
  • In the meantime, Bond wants to scope out Strangways' abode.
  • Bond's escort points out a bloodstain on the carpet, as if a bright red stain on a beige rug were hard to see. CSI, this isn't.
  • Going through Strangways' documents, Bond finds a receipt for "Geological Analysis" from a Professor Dent, a metallurgist.
  • Bond also finds a picture of Strangways and a local fishermen, whom Bond recognizes as the driver of the car that tailed him from the airport.
  • After a high-speed chase, a fight to the death, and some crime scene analysis, Bond is ready to retire to his hotel room for a bath.

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