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Dr. No Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • In his hotel room, Bond puts some sort of powder on the locks to his briefcase.
  • Then he sticks a strand of his own hair across the gap between two closet doors.
  • With his room secure, Bond heads to the club to socialize.
  • None of the club guys have anything substantial to say about Strangways.
  • Although it appears he was a big fan of fishing. Maybe a giant bass ate him.
  • Taking the only lead he has, Bond goes to the harbor to see Strangways' fisherman friend, Quarrel. That's a peaceful name.
  • Bond attempts to charter Quarrel's boat, but Quarrel says it's not for hire. Hmm, something smells fishy, and we don't mean the catch of the day.
  • Bond follows Quarrel, who is easy to track because he's wearing a bright red shirt, and sits next to him at a bar.
  • Quarrel tells Bond he'll talk, now that they're not out in the open.
  • They relocate to the backroom to chat, and by "chat" we mean "Quarrel pulls a knife on Bond."
  • The bartender sneaks up behind Bond and restrains him, but Bond flings the man into Quarrel, knocking them both into a stack of crates.
  • Bond has the upper hand, but he is disarmed by a slick man in a suit.
  • The man turns out to be Felix Leiter from the CIA.
  • After seeing Bond drive off with a bad guy, he worried Bond might be a double agent.
  • Well, now that that's resolved, everyone is buddy-buddy.

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