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Dr. No Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Outside the hotel, the blind men try to shoot Bond from a distance, but a passing car gets in their way.
  • The next morning, Bond meets Professor Dent, whom he spoke to the night before at the club.
  • He asks Dent about the receipt he found in Strangways' office.
  • Dent says Strangways brought in some rock samples for testing, but they were just pyrites. In other words, fool's gold.
  • Bond speculates they may have been found at Crab Key, but Dent denies it, saying that would be geologically impossible.
  • Hmm. How would he know that?
  • After Bond leaves, the sneaky geologist rushes to the marina and demands to be taken to Crab Key.
  • Aboard an industrial facility in the ocean, Dent is led to a room with one chair. Dr. No must not have guests very often.
  • Speaking as a shadowy voice from offscreen, No demands to no—err, No demands to know why Bond is still alive.
  • He blames Dent for failing to kill Bond, and says he will hold Dent responsible if Bond makes it out to Crab Key.
  • No orders Dent to approach a table on the far side of the room.
  • On the table is a gigantic tarantula in a cage. Seriously, the thing is the size of his face.
  • No tells Dent to take it with him and to use it tonight. Ugh.

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