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Dr. No Lust

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Could it be possible that the 007 stands for the seven deadly sins? Bond is guilty of vanity, wrath, pride, and greed. While he isn't much of a sloth or a glutton, he is a glutton for lovin', as Bond's number-one sin is insatiable lust for women.

Remember how we mentioned how competitive Bond was? Bond's lust and his competitive nature go hand in hand. He sees women like the poker chips he collects at the roulette wheel. He'll scoop them up, use them, then cash them in for more.

Bond's anger and wrath even get tied up in his lust sometimes. When Miss Taro tries to have Bond killed, Bond still sleeps with her…and then turns her into the cops. James Bond knows he can have his martini and drink it too. There's more where that came from.

Questions About Lust

  1. Who often makes the first moveBond or the women?
  2. Is sex an equalizer for Bond? Does it give women the same power he has? Or is Bond always the one in control?
  3. Is Bond a sexist? Is the Bond franchise sexist?

Chew on This

The Bond films are a product of the free-loving 1960s, so the women are intended to be sexually liberated.

Bond often coerces the women, such as Miss Taro, into situations of dubious consent, using sex as a weapon just as often as he uses it for affection or pleasure.

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