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Dr. No Revenge

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What makes a gentleman? By definition, a gentleman is a "gentle man." If Gentleman's Quarterly, a magazine older than Bond, has any say, it means a man in an impeccably tailored (and often exorbitantly expensive) suit with shiny accessories, like cuff links, shades, and those shiny things that we used to tell time with before smartphones..

Bond looks like a GQ man on the surface, but beneath he is simmering with rage. His fuse is shorter than a bomb he might plant to blow up a drug-dealing banana factory (wait until Goldfinger for that plot point), and he goes from looking chill and debonair to shaking and stirred in an instant after he feels like a bad guy or gal has wronged him.

Models might have good sides and bad sides, but the worst that might happen if you get on a model's bad side is that you need to reshoot the photo. But if you get on Bond's bad side, you might end up dead.

Questions About Revenge

  1. How does Bond act toward people who wrong him?
  2. Is Bond genuine when he says he wants to take revenge on Quarrel? What makes you believe him? Or not believe him?
  3. In what way is Dr. No motivated by revenge?

Chew on This

Bond wants revenge less to avenge those who have been killed, but more to protect his ego and prove himself superior to those who try to beat him at his own game.

Dr. No's penchant for revenge—it's him vs. the world—turns out to be his downfall. If he weren't so vengeful, things would have turned out much differently.

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