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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Fandoms

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Although E.T. first hit the big screen more than three decades ago, it retains an active—and creative—fan community.

For example, fan fiction writers are still creating stories that update the E.T. universe. Most, somewhat predictably, involve E.T. returning to Earth for things like Elliott's wedding, to locate the cure for a mysterious plague, to learn about the true meaning of Christmas, etc. Some reimagine the original story of E.T. from E.T.'s point of view.

E.T. is also the source of fan theories, the most famous of which posits that—wait for it—E.T. is a Jedi. Here's the gist: E.T. is full of Star Wars references. Star Wars was created by director Steven Spielberg's friend (and occasional collaborator) George Lucas. E.T.-like aliens make an appearance in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Many, many years in the future, E.T. visits Earth and strikes up a friendship with Elliott. When they go trick-or-treating on Halloween, E.T. spots a kid dressed like Yoda and seems to recognize him, even yelling, "Home! Home!" When Elliott and E.T. escape from the police later in the film, E.T. magically makes the boy's bike fly… which seems an awful lot like he's using The Force.

If your mind isn't exactly blown, don't worry. The "E.T. is a Jedi" fan theory has plenty of holes in it, but it's just one example of the many theories devised by fans that still have E.T. on the brain some thirty years after he first toddled onto their screens and into their conspiracy-tinged hearts.

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