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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial kicks off with some simple opening credits: just purple names on a black background. Oh, and some spooky music.
  • Once the credits are out of the way, we pan down from a starry night sky to a forest. There's a spaceship that looks like a Faberge egg: round and metal. You want spooky lights and fog? You got it.
  • Aliens mill around in front of the spaceship, scoping out the forest floor. They're short and squat.
  • Inside their ship there's a plethora of weird plants. We're talking glowing mushrooms and hairy trees with faces on them. Suddenly, the aliens' chests light up red. These ain't your grandma's botanists.
  • We cut to an alien off on his own, separated from the rest of the gang. He has crazy-long fingers, and he's reaching for a tiny pine tree while a bunny looks on. The bunny is not amused.
  • Our lone alien snags the littlest pine tree and toddles back to the ship. He makes a pit stop at the edge of the hill that overlooks suburbia below. Suddenly, a car pulls up, and it's time to make like a tree and leave.
  • The alien makes a break for it as more cars pull up and a bunch of guys pile out. Their leader carries a long flashlight and wears a big ring of keys on his belt. It's huge. We're talking custodian size. It's an interesting fashion choice.
  • The spaceship's getting ready to skedaddle, too. An alien waits in the doorway, his chest still glowing red.
  • Meanwhile, the pine-tree-thieving alien hides in the bushes. He pauses and then runs screaming toward the spaceship. Its exterior lights are shutting down. This Faberge egg is getting ready to move, y'all.
  • The alien runs through the bushes. Keys chases him, jangling all the way. The spaceship takes off, and the alien screams. Keys and Co. stop and watch the ship vamoose.
  • The alien wisely takes this opportunity to hide in the bushes overlooking the subdivision below. The men look around, but don't spot him. He's been left behind. And it's safe to assume that he's the titular E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

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