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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Keys—remember him?—stands at the end of the driveway. Inside, the kids finally show E.T. to Mom. He lies on the floor, so pale that he looks like he's been covered in chalk. He extends a hand, and moans, "Mom."
  • Mom drops her coffee on the floor. Elliott also looks weak and generally terrible. He tells Mom, "We're sick. I think we're dying." There's all that "we" stuff again.
  • Mom's scared of E.T. and orders the kids downstairs. The kids protest, insisting that E.T. won't hurt them.
  • Then some astronauts show up and things get weird. The family goes to the front door. Boom! An astronaut. They retreat into the house. Boom! An astronaut in the hallway. An astronaut in another doorway. An astronaut sticks his hands through the blinds.
  • The astronauts all move like zombies for some reason: slowly, with outstretched arms. It's bizarre and terrifying.
  • The music gets ominous. People in hazmat suits descend upon the house to join the zombie astronauts. A zombie-naut finds E.T., and E.T. reaches out to him, moaning, "Home. Home."
  • The hazmat people, including Keys himself, swarm the home. Their cars say that they're from the government. They cover the house in plastic and tubes that look like something out of a hamster cage.
  • Keys enters the house, and we finally see his face, 1 hour and 20 minutes into the film.
  • Doctors start running all sorts of tests on E.T. and interview the family. The doctors keep referring to E.T. as "it"; Michael and Gertie refer to E.T. as "he."
  • Michael tells a doctor that Elliott feels E.T.'s feelings. Whoa.

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