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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • Elliott and E.T. lie side-by-side in a makeshift hospital room in Elliott's house. There are machines and tubes, and all of the adults—doctors, government guys—are covered in protective clothing. It's sterile and scary.
  • Elliott tells the doctors to leave E.T. alone because he can take care of him.
  • Keys stares at E.T. E.T. looks ghastly. Elliott looks pretty bad, too, but that doesn't stop Keys from asking him about the machine in the forest, which Elliott identifies as "the communicator."
  • Elliott wants to know if it's still working. Keys tells him it's doing, well, something, and wants to know what it's supposed to do. Elliott says he shouldn't tell Keys because E.T. came to him, Elliott.
  • Keys tells Elliott that he's been wishing for this since he was ten years old, and he doesn't want E.T. to die. He thinks E.T. being there is a miracle, and he's glad that E.T. came to Elliott first. Um, yeah! So are we.
  • As E.T. gets worse, Elliott gets better.
  • Elliott begs E.T. to stay and tells him, "I'll be right here." Callback!
  • E.T. starts to crash, and Elliott starts to stabilize.
  • Michael enters E.T.'s immense closet. He sits down, pulls his knees into his chest like a little boy, and falls asleep. When he wakes up, he spots the geranium plant near by. The flowers are dying rapidly.
  • E.T.'s really crashing. This is the big one. The doctors try to save him. Elliott screams at the doctors to leave E.T. alone because, again, E.T. came to him.
  • Outside, Michael's friends are at the front of a large crowd of people watching the house from behind a barricade.
  • Inside, the doctors pronounce E.T. dead. Keys and Elliott stand at his bedside. Keys closes E.T.'s eyes. Mom and Gertie cry.
  • Keys gives Elliott one last moment to talk to E.T. before they take E.T. away. E.T. is in a freezer container, zipped up in a bag. He's like a giant leftover pork tenderloin.
  • Elliott apologizes to E.T. for all of the zombie astronauts, Keys, insensitive doctors, etc. He tells E.T. that he knows he must be dead because he can't feel anything anymore. Then he tells him he loves him.
  • Elliott closes the container, not noticing that E.T.'s chest has lit up. No, Elliott! Turn around, kid!
  • Fortunately, he does turn around, and he notices the geraniums. They're blooming!
  • Elliott rushes back to the container and opens it. He unzips the bag, and E.T. chirps, "E.T. phone hoooome!" Elliott is ecstatic. E.T. repeats "phone home" and confirms that his people are coming back for him.
  • Then he won't stop excitedly saying "E.T. phone home," so Elliott has to zip him back up. C'mon, E.T. Play it cool. (No pun intended.)
  • Just then, Keys returns. Elliott delivers a tour de force acting performance and pretends to sob over the containment unit, which resembles a coffin. Keys tears him away.
  • Elliott finds Michael and screams that E.T. is alive. He's alive!

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