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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • We open on the exterior of a suburban house. It has a wicked steep driveway, but otherwise it's a pretty typical single-family home.
  • Inside, Michael is playing a Dungeons and Dragons-style roleplaying game at the cluttered kitchen table with his three equally doofy teenage friends. Greg is on the phone, trying to order a pizza. Tyler jams snacks into his face. Steve is the Fresca-swilling game master. One of them—it's unclear who—is smoking. Ladies and gentlemen, the '80s.
  • Elliot, Michael's little brother, looks on from the living room. He wants to play. Michael says he has to ask Steve, and Steve tells Elliott that he's in, after the pizza arrives. Elliott grabs his baseball and glove and excitedly runs outside to wait for the pizza guy at the end of the driveway. No, really.
  • The pizza guy delivers, literally, and Elliott carries a large pie up the driveway, trying to balance it on one hand and on his baseball glove. He's not very good at it, but we're happy to report that no pepperonis were harmed in the making of this scene.
  • Before Elliott makes it back into the house, he hears a noise in the backyard and calls after the family dog, Harvey.
  • Back in the kitchen, Mom loads the dishwasher in her robe. Tyler pretends like he's going to touch Mom's butt with one outstretched finger before Michael yells, "Stop it!" Stay classy, Tyler.
  • Elliott's made it to the backyard, pizza still in tow and still hearing noises—specifically from the toolshed that bumps up against a cornfield. He calls for Harvey again. Nope. An eerie light beams out of the shed's wide open door. Elliott ditches the pizza and approaches with his mitt and ball. He stops short of the shed and chucks the ball in. Like so many of baseball's greatest pitchers, he's a lefty.
  • After a moment, something tosses the ball back, and it rolls to a stop at his feet.
  • Elliott looks positively stricken. He turns and dashes back toward the house, tripping on the pizza box along the way.
  • The game rages on in the kitchen. Mom asks Michael and his friends how somebody wins. Before they can explain the intricacies of a twenty-sided die, Elliott busts in and tells his mom that there's something in the toolshed, and it threw the ball at him.
  • Michael and his friends mock Elliott mercilessly. Because they're teenagers. Elliott tells them not to go out there, so of course they do. Right after they pick up kitchen knives that Mom demands they put back. (They don't.)
  • The whole gang, including Mom, approaches the toolshed and finds nothing but footprints. Michael suspects that it's a coyote. They also find the flattened pizza.
  • Michael and his friends are bummed that it's a cheesy, cardboard-y disaster. Mom's bummed that they ordered it without her permission.
  • And Elliott insists that he saw something. They all head back into the house. Those dwarves aren't going to kill those trolls on their own.
  • As we hear the back door to the house shut, we also hear E.T. breathing and see his slender fingers wrap around the edge of the toolshed door.

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