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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • It's dinnertime. Elliott, Michael, Mom, and Harvey are there, and we're introduced to Gertie, Elliott and Michael's little sister, who wants to know what Elliott's going as for Halloween. Girl's got priorities.
  • Elliott's in a bad mad mood because his family doesn't believe that he saw something. Michael suggests alligators in the sewer, a deformed kid, or an elf or a leprechaun.
  • Gertie repeats much of what Michael says, which adds to Elliott's frustration. (She also divulges that she's going as a cowgirl for Halloween, so there's that.)
  • Michael's teasing riles Elliott up so much that he rises to his feet and yells, "It was nothing like that, penis-breath!" His mom, giggling, orders him to sit down. Elliott quietly says that his dad would believe him.
  • Oh yeah, where is Dad?
  • Mom suggests that Elliott calls his dad to tell him about what he saw, and Elliott says he can't because Dad's in Mexico with some chick named Sally.
  • Mom gets upset, and Gertie just wants to know where Mexico is. Then Michael gets upset because Elliott upset Mom, and Mom heads for the kitchen.
  • She tells Elliott that if he ever sees whatever he saw again, that he shouldn't touch it, and he should call her and she'll have somebody take it away. Then she adds that Dad hates Mexico and leaves the room.
  • Michael angrily tells Elliott to grow up and think about other people's feelings for a change, and Elliott takes his dishes to the sink.
  • He stares at the backyard through the massive amounts of steam rising out of the sink.

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