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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • It's later that night, and Elliott's in his jammies, dozing in a lawn chair and clutching a flashlight. He hears a noise from the toolshed. He turns, and there stands E.T. Elliott tries to call out for his mom and Michael, but can barely make a sound.
  • E.T. approaches, and drops a handful of Reese's Pieces on Elliott's blanket. Elliott's understandably speechless.
  • Cut to the floor of the upstairs hallway. Elliott's once again scattering Reese's Pieces, trying to lure E.T. into his bedroom. And it works!
  • When Elliott scratches his nose, E.T. scratches his. Elliott touches his lips, so does E.T. Elliott laughs, so does E.T. When it comes to mimicry, E.T. is like the Kevin Spacey of aliens. Elliott is visibly exhausted and starts falling asleep on his feet, E.T. does, too. Then Elliott passes out in a chair. The kid's had a big night.
  • Back in the forest, Keys and his team of guys have set up lights and are searching the area with what look like metal detectors, but probably aren't. Keys finds a pile of Reese's Pieces on the ground, and he eats a few.

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