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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Mom's watering plants, and Gertie's lugging a wagon through the upstairs hallway. No big deal. She tells her mom she's going to play in Elliott's room.
  • Mom tells her not to let Elliott torture her, and Gertie replies, "I won't, Mary," calling her mom by her first name.
  • First Mike and his friends are smoking in her kitchen, now her kids are addressing her by her first name. And let's not forget about Mexico. What's Mary gotta do to get a little respect?
  • Elliott, Mike, and E.T. are already hanging out in Elliott's room. E.T.'s pigging out. Mike's speculating about what, exactly, E.T. is.
  • And Gertie brings a pot of dead geraniums to the party. This is probably why she's not invited to many parties.
  • Elliott points to northern California on a map, then on a globe, telling E.T. that's where they are. He asks E.T. where he's from, and E.T. points out the window.
  • Elliott grabs a map of the solar system and tells E.T. that Earth is his (Elliott's) home. E.T. again points toward the window. (Maybe he's just trying to tell Elliott that he likes his totally rad rainbow window blinds.)
  • Then he picks up some balls from Elliott's table and places them on the picture of the solar system. For his next trick, he makes them levitate and fly around in the air. The kids are amazed and more than a little confused. Scared even.
  • Cut to Elliott running into the backyard and up the hill to the gate that E.T. ran through earlier. We don't see them, but we can hear the hushed voices and various beeps and buzzes of Keys and his posse of shady dudes.
  • Back in Elliott's room, E.T.'s wearing a blanket over his head like a Jedi and relaxing with Gertie's ABC coloring book. He looks quizzically at the dead geraniums she brought, and they slowly come blooming back to life. E.T. returns to his reading. Like a boss.

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