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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Later that same day, E.T.'s rounding up a blanket full of things like the Speak & Spell, a blender, and some aluminum foil when Mom and Gertie come home.
  • Gertie's stoked to introduce Mom to E.T., but Mom's so busy putting away groceries and complaining about stubborn Ragu stains on her dry cleaning to notice that there's an alien in a bathrobe wandering around her house.
  • Mom picks up an empty beer can just as the phone rings. It's school, and Elliott's busted. Mom smells the empty beer can. No, Mary. Coors hasn't started making chocolate milk.
  • Meanwhile, Gertie learns about words that start with "B" on a children's program on TV. E.T. pops up from behind the TV and says, "B." Gertie's surprised and happy.
  • Mom leaves to pick up her intoxicated grade-schooler, leaving Gertie home with E.T. Gertie tries to get E.T. to repeat "phone" after her, and he does. Then he starts pressing the phone's buttons. "You wanna call somebody?" Gertie asks.
  • Elliott comes home to find Gertie in her room with E.T. She's in her cowgirl costume and has E.T. in her closet. She tells E.T., "Be good. Be good."
  • Elliott pushes Gertie aside and flings open the closet doors. E.T.'s in a long, blonde wig and dressed like a woman. He makes one ugly lady.
  • Elliott moans in disapproval and E.T. says, "Elliott." It takes a moment for Elliott to realize that E.T. is not only speaking, but also saying his name. Gertie's proud that she taught E.T. how to talk. You go, Gertie.
  • E.T. shows Elliott the Buck Rogers comic and says "phone." Then he points at the closet and says, "home." Elliot confirms that, yes, the immense closet is E.T.'s home.
  • E.T. points out the window at the sky and says, "E.T. phone home." Gertie and Elliott both repeat it.
  • Just then, Michael enters in a sweet "No Nukes" T-shirt. E.T. makes it clear that he wants to call somebody so they can come pick him up. Then he takes off his silly wig because this is a heavy scene, you guys.

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