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Frankenstein Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • The scene shifts to upstairs in Henry's tower; it's not clear how much time has passed.
  • Henry and Waldman are together and hear a bloodcurdling yell from Fritz.
  • They rush downstairs, where they find the monster free.
  • They back away and shut a door against him, but he smashes on it in a fury.
  • Henry is all distraught. Waldman takes charge though, and says they should knock the creature out with a hypodermic injection.
  • Henry feels it would be murder to kill the monster, but Waldman has no qualms.
  • Henry comes down with a needle, and gives it to Waldman.
  • They open the door, and the monster goes towards Henry; Waldman stabs the needle into him from behind.
  • The monster seems like he's not affected at first and starts to strangle Henry.
  • But then the shot takes effect, and the monster falls over.
  • The monster makes sad little sounds like a whipped kitten.
  • Just as they get the monster down Henry and Waldman hear a banging on the door.
  • It's Victor; he tells them Elizabeth and the Baron are on the way.
  • The three of them drag the monster off to hide it.
  • Waldman tells Henry to go upstairs and wipe off the blood that's all over him.
  • Elizabeth and the Baron knock on the door, and Victor opens it.
  • The Baron demands to see Henry.
  • Waldman comes down and tells the Baron to take Henry away.
  • The Baron and Elizabeth go up to Henry, the Baron muttering and blustering the whole time.
  • They find Henry passed out muttering about Fritz.
  • Guilt's not much good now, buddy.
  • The Baron and Elizabeth decide to take Henry away; Waldman promises Henry to preserve the research notes and destroy the monster.

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