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Frankenstein Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • Cut to the day of the wedding, with the Baron giving orange blossoms to Henry and Victor (who's the best man.)
  • The Baron mentions Henry's mother, who seems to be dead; he also makes a toast with an old, old bottle of wine, wishing for a son in the house of Frankenstein.
  • Henry looks nervous. Maybe he's thinking he has a son, but the son is a giant growling corpse monster. Or maybe he's just embarrassed.
  • The Baron gives the maids some champagne, and then they all go back to work.
  • There's dancing and celebrating in the village.
  • The Baron goes out to make a short speech.
  • It's not clear why there's so much of this scene. Who goes to Frankenstein to see wedding preparations? More monster, less villagers dancing about, please.

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