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Frankenstein Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • Back to the wedding. Everyone's dancing.
  • Cut to inside, where Elizabeth asks to speak to Henry in her room in private.
  • Elizabeth is wearing a completely preposterous wedding gown, with a train that looks like it's ten feet long at least.
  • She says she's afraid, though she's not sure why. She asks why Dr. Waldman's late for the wedding.
  • She says she's worried about losing Henry; he says he'll always be there. Aww.
  • But then there's a banging on the door. It's Victor, babbling about Dr. Waldman.
  • Henry locks Elizabeth in her room. Kind of a jerk move (and a tactical mistake, as it turns out).
  • Victor says that Dr. Waldman's been killed, and that the monster is loose.
  • They hear the monster groaning in the house. They run upstairs, but can't find him.
  • Then they think he's in the cellar.
  • Cut back to Elizabeth wandering nervously around the room.
  • The monster comes in through the window without Elizabeth seeing him.
  • She finally sees him and screams. He stalks her.
  • She can't get out because her dimwit would-be husband locked the door.
  • The monster gets out through the window and Henry and everyone bursts in.
  • Elizabeth is still alive but hysterical.
  • Cut back outside, where Maria's grief-stricken dad is carrying her body into town.
  • Everybody stops celebrating and follows Maria's dad to the Burgomaster's door.
  • The Burgomaster comes out and sees that Maria's been murdered. (Though how does he know she was murdered? Oh well; plot hole.)
  • Back at the Frankensteins', Elizabeth's still hysterical.
  • Henry tells Victor he cannot get married until the monster is destroyed.
  • Henry's wearing some ridiculous jodhpurs.
  • He tells Victor that he's leaving Elizabeth in his care. He rushes off (with his jodhpurs).

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