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Frankenstein Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • And it's nightfall now; the Burgomaster's organizing a search for the monster.
  • He splits up the crowd into three groups, one to be led by Frankenstein.
  • They're going to get the monster, alive or dead.
  • And off the mob goes, with shouts and torches. (Though…why don't they have electric lights? Remember, Frankenstein used electricity. Again, the time period seems to wander back and forth.)
  • Henry leads one group off to the mountains to search.
  • They see the monster, and then they find an injured man who points towards where he saw the monster.
  • Frankenstein gets separated from the others, and, of course, that's when he stumbles on the monster.
  • Henry tries to scare the monster with fire, but he's not scared by flame any more (ah, that must be why they're all carrying torches).
  • The monster and Frankenstein struggle. The monster knocks him unconscious.
  • But the villagers are coming, so the monster drags Henry away.
  • The monster takes him to a windmill; the villagers surround it.
  • The search party tries to bash in the windmill door. Meanwhile, the monster takes Henry upstairs, jodhpurs and all.
  • Henry wakes up and pulls himself across the floor. The monster sees him and attacks again.
  • Henry hides behind the windmill machinery, then runs and tries to jump from the mill.
  • The monster grabs him and they struggle as the villagers watch from below.
  • Henry finally falls from the mill; he's unconscious. Some men carry him home.
  • The rest stay to light the mill on fire.
  • The monster screams in terror in the tower as the flames surround him. He is trapped under a fallen beam.
  • Poor monster.
  • He is finally dead…at least till the sequel, Bride of Frankenstein.

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