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Frankenstein Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • The film proper opens with a graveside scene and church bells tolling.
  • Very gothic and creepy.
  • Oops, there's Fritz (who has a hunchback) and Henry Frankenstein, sneaking around just outside the churchyard.
  • The mourners wander off and the gravedigger does his thing (that's digging graves.)
  • Then he leaves too.
  • Notice that it's not clear what time or place we're in. The gothic background is almost medieval, but the gravedigger's clothes seem early 20th century.
  • Henry orders Fritz out of their hiding place and into the graveyard.
  • They dig into the new grave.
  • And after some time they get out the coffin.
  • Henry says the corpse is just resting waiting for a new life. It sounds religious…but as you'll see, it's not.
  • The two graverobbers wheel the coffin away.
  • They arrive at a gallows, and Henry tells Fritz to climb up and cut the body down.
  • So up goes the reluctant Fritz, and down comes the body.
  • But the neck of the body is broken, which means the "brain is useless" according to Henry. He says they have to get another brain.
  • They need different brains, all right. Because (in case you couldn't tell) None of This Will End Well.

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