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Frankenstein Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • And the scene switches to a medical college.
  • Dr. Waldman's discussing brains; he's got one perfect specimen in a jar, and another which is the brain of a criminal.
  • Fritz is hiding outside the classroom and listening.
  • Waldman dismisses the class…and that's when sneaky brain-stealer Fritz makes his move.
  • He opens the window and sneaks, sneaks on in.
  • He bumps into a hanging human skeleton used for medical purposes and startles himself. But he recovers, and grabs the good brain.
  • While he's leaving, though, a loud noise startles him, and he drops the good brain.
  • So he grabs the one labeled "Abnormal Brain" instead, and scuttles off.
  • Notice the long shot of Fritz fleeing, with the skeleton framed towards the center of the frame. It's a very composed, still image.
  • Director Whale often keeps the camera still; as a result, it sometimes seems like you're looking at a theater set instead of a film.

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