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Frankenstein Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • The scene changes; you see a close up of a photograph of Henry Frankenstein.
  • That tells you you're in the home of his girlfriend, Elizabeth. She's visited by her buddy, Victor.
  • Elizabeth has sent for Victor, and says she's heard from Henry for the first time in four months.
  • She reads the letter from Henry, in which he says he is pursuing amazing discoveries and must hide out in case his discoveries are stolen from him.
  • Elizabeth says he sounds loony, and he does. She's got good sense, that Elizabeth. (Except for the part where she keeps Henry, rather than dumping him for Victor.)
  • Henry says he's living in an abandoned watchtower doing some experiments.
  • Elizabeth says she's heard about these experiments before.
  • When they got engaged, he told her about the experiments.
  • Victor says he ran into Henry in the woods, and asked to see the laboratory. Henry was suspicious and generally behaved like a jerk.
  • He doesn't seem like such a catch, this Henry guy.
  • Victor says he'll go to Dr. Waldman, Henry's old teacher to see if he knows anything.
  • Victor also tells Elizabeth he's in love with her. He's apparently said so before, but Elizabeth is pledged to her mad scientist. Poor Victor.
  • Victor is about to leave, but Elizabeth runs after him and says she's coming.
  • He seems horrified at the thought of her coming. Not really clear why. Maybe they just needed some drama there.
  • Anyway, they head off together.

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