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Frankenstein Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • The scene cuts to the home of Baron Frankenstein, Henry's father. The old guy's chatting with Victor and Elizabeth.
  • They tell the Baron that Henry's fine but busy.
  • The Baron is not impressed; he thinks there's something wrong with Henry.
  • He also thinks that Henry must be involved with another woman.
  • No, Baron, he's obsessed with a reanimated corpse.
  • (But they don't tell him that.)
  • Then they're interrupted by the maid, who tells them that the Burgomaster has come to see the Baron.
  • The Burgomaster (Herr Vogel) wants to find out when the wedding's going to be.
  • The Burgomaster says maybe there won't be a wedding. He sounds petulant.
  • And then the Burgomaster sounds a little petulant too. He says the whole village is prepared for the wedding.
  • Where is Elizabeth's family anyway? You'd think they'd be involved in wedding preparations. Maybe Henry chopped them up for his experiments. Who knows?
  • Herr Vogel leaves. He's very cranky.
  • The Baron blusters and blusters some more; blustering is his schtick.
  • Finally, he says he's going to go to confront Henry.
  • Bluster on out, Baron.

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