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Frankenstein Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Back in the watchtower, Henry's smoking at the table.
  • Dr. Waldman's pacing around and tells him the monster is dangerous.
  • Henry's blasé about it. He says danger is fun and he wants to discover awesome things because awesome things like monster corpses are awesome.
  • We'll see how you feel about that at the end of the movie, Frankenstein.
  • Waldman thinks Henry is young and stupid and should worry about creating a corpse monster.
  • Henry reveals that he got the brain from Waldman's lab, so it must be okay. Waldman tells him it was a criminal brain.
  • Henry looks a little nervous, but what can he do about it now?
  • Waldman wants Henry to stop the experimenting, but Henry says no way.
  • He says that the monster has so far been kept in complete darkness.
  • Then there are footfalls; the monster is coming.
  • Henry turns off the light, creating nifty shadows.
  • This scene is very famous too.
  • The monster turns towards the camera; not much expression there.
  • Henry tells the creature to come in, and then tells it to sit down.
  • It does; maybe that old brain understands English.
  • Then Henry opens the skylight.
  • The monster turns sloooowly, and looks up.
  • He raises his hands towards the light; it's almost like praying, or like he's trying to close his hands on the light.
  • Then they shut it off, and the monster looks sad.
  • Poor monster.
  • Henry makes the monster sit down again.
  • The monster's hands jerk as he sits. Poor monster. (There's a lot in the film to make you say "poor monster.")
  • Henry's all happy that he's made his monster sad. You jerk, Henry.
  • Then Fritz comes running up looking for the monster. He's carrying a torch, and the monster's scared.
  • Fritz brandishes the torch at him, which drives him into a fury.
  • The monster growls and thrashes, but Waldman and Henry manage to overpower him and tie him up.
  • Waldman says they should shoot him. Aww. Say it with us: "Poor monster."

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