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Frankenstein Criminality

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Is Frankenstein's monster a criminal? No doubt. He does nasty criminal things like breaking into homes and drowning children—bad monster.

But is he doing that like a hardened criminal, knowingly breaking the law? Or is he just like a bad dog that pees on the floor because he doesn't know any better? Does Frankenstein's monster need to be thrown in jail, or does he just need obedience training?

If the monster is confused and ignorant, then Frankenstein's really a jerk for hunting him down and killing him. In fact, maybe it's Frankenstein who's the real criminal; he's does have a creepy penchant for grave robbing. Bad Frankenstein.

Questions About Criminality

  1. Is Fritz a criminal? Is Frankenstein? Explain your answers.
  2. Is the monster's criminality innate, or is it the result of Frankenstein's neglect? Explain your answer.
  3. Is the mob at the end acting to enforce the law? Explain your answer.

Chew on This

The monster is by nature criminal, and so must be punished.

If the monster is just acting out his nature he shouldn't be punished.

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