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Frankenstein Science

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Science is the bad guy in Frankenstein. The dissected corpses, the electricity, the chance to go where no one has gone before; that all seduces our hero Henry away from God and right.

Though, on the other hand, it's kind of amazing that Frankenstein was able to bring that monster to life. Without the science, Frankenstein would just be a dull little romance, with Henry getting married and never doing anything with his life.

The film is about the dangers of scienceā€¦but danger is entertaining. It makes things happen. If science can really create miracles, how bad can it be? Frankenstein warns against science, but it surreptitiously also thinks that science is a lot of fun.

Questions About Science

  1. Is Henry a good scientist? Is he a good person? Can a good scientist be a good person in Frankenstein?
  2. Is Frankenstein a science-fiction story? Why or why not? Explain your answer.
  3. Is Henry a scientist or a magician? Is there a difference, as far as Frankenstein is concerned?

Chew on This

Henry is punished for falling short of God.

Henry is punished for being too much like God.

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