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Godzilla Masaji (Ren Yamamoto)

Masaji (Ren Yamamoto)

Sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a faithful trip, that started in this tropic port aboard this tiny ship. Nope, it's not Gilligan's Island, but the story of Masaji the fisherman.

But while Gilligan at least got a jetpack made of flotsam, Masaji gets a whole lot of nothing followed by death.

Masaji is the only survivor of a fishing boat sunk by Godzilla. He drifts home to Odo Island, where he warns everyone about a giant monster in the ocean. No one believes him and think his days adrift may have caused him to go a little crazy.

That's the biggest horror movie cliché ever, but, hey, it's not like they know they're in a science fiction film.

Later, Godzilla attacks Odo Island during the typhoon and steps on Masaji's house, killing both him and his mother. Jeez, we don't know what this guy did to tick off the King of the Monsters, but it must have been personal.

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