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Godzilla Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • Emiko and Hagiwara arrive at Serizawa's home. During the interview, Hagiwara cites a source saying that Serizawa is close to a breakthrough in defeating Godzilla.
  • Serizawa denies this and claims his work isn't worth discussing.
  • Hagiwara apologizes for the intrusion and leaves.
  • Alone, Emiko also wonders what Serizawa's up to. He agrees to show her but swears her to secrecy first. Nothing sketchy about that.
  • They go into his lab/basement, which looks like it was constructed by Frankenstein Pharma. Serizawa drops a metal ball into a fish tank and then flips a switch.
  • Whatever Emiko sees in there freaks her out.

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