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Godzilla Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • Godzilla rises from the ocean. He runs into the electric fence and gets tangled up. The military opens fire.
  • Using its atomic breath, the monster melts the fence and waltzes into Tokyo.
  • It destroys the city, scorching buildings with its breath and razing everything in its path. The military fights back, but they're quickly toast.
  • Police and fire fighters try to rescue the populace, but they're stopped.
  • Amid the destruction, a woman calms her terrified children, saying that they'll be with Daddy soon. Whoa.
  • A news crew describes the chaos from their vantage point in a tower. Elsewhere, the command staff is evacuated from their center of operations.
  • Godzilla advances upon the news crew. Upset over the flashing lights of the cameras, it knocks down the tower, killing them.

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