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Godzilla Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

  • As the fire burns itself out, Tokyo is revealed to be a wasteland. Emiko volunteers at a field hospital along with Professor Tanabe.
  • She tries to comfort a girl brought to tears over the sight of her dead mother.
  • Ogata arrives, and Emiko decides now she must break her promise to Serizawa.
  • Flashback. We see that the metal ball he dropped in the tank killed all the fish. In fact, it murdered them so hard they instantly became skeletons.
  • Serizawa explains: the device destroyed all the oxygen in the water by splitting the atoms into fluid, which then liquefied the fishes' remains. He calls it the Oxygen Destroyer.
  • (If you are a science-minded individual, best not think too hard at this explanation. Just roll with it for now.)
  • Serizawa was studying oxygen when he accidently stumbled upon this new form of energy. It's so powerful a small ball could turn Tokyo Bay into a graveyard. That's why he's been so secretive about his research.
  • Back in the present, Ogata reassures Emiko that Serizawa will forgive her for breaking her promise. After all, she's saved them all.

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