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Godzilla Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

  • Emiko and Ogata arrive at Serizawa's place. Ogata asks him to use the Oxygen Destroyer. Serizawa plays coy, but Emiko admits to breaking her promise.
  • Serizawa refuses and runs to his Frankenstein lab. Ogata breaks in and stops Serizawa from destroying his notes. The two have a fight—well, a scuffle really.
  • After the fight scuffle, Serizawa says he can't reveal the Oxygen Destroyer to the world. Right now, it's only a weapon, and if it is used even once, the politicians will only see it as a weapon, and any good it may do would be lost.
  • But, Ogata counters, what they should do about Godzilla now? He sees Serizawa's Oxygen Destroyer as their only hope.
  • On the TV, an all-girls choir sings for peace over the images of the destruction and death.
  • Serizawa turns off the TV and tells Ogata they won. He burns all of his notes and research, claiming the Oxygen Destroyer will be used for the first and last time.

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