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Godzilla Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • A special Diet committee is called to assess the situation on Odo Island. The villagers and Hagiwara swear the damage wasn't caused by a typhoon but something living.
  • Professor Kyohei Yamane, a paleontologist, is called to testify. He says the matter must be investigated before he can determine if a creature caused this.
  • The research vessel leaves with much fanfare, because apparently people in the 1950s were super stoked on research.
  • Some dude with an eye-patch and sunglasses watches the ship leave port. Do you think he's ever heard the phrase "hat on a hat"?
  • Ogata tells Emiko how surprised he is that Serizawa came to see them off. He wonders if the man only left his lab because he fears they won't make it back.

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