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Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5

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Aston Martin DB5

Inspector Gadget

Before iPhones did everything—reminding us of important appointments, ordering groceries, tracking everywhere we've gone number two—Bond needed an arsenal of gadgets to assist him on his deadly missions.

The Aston Martin DB5 quickly became one of the most iconic Bond vehicles, even resurfacing in a nostalgic moment in 2012's Skyfall. At the time, it was not only a slick ride, but also a vehicle tricked out with more gadgets than Mario Kart's Bullet Blaster. This thing is equipped with bulletproof windows, revolving number plates, a homing device, radar, a smoke screen, oil slicks, an ejector seat, and mounted machine guns.

It's a good thing Bond isn't susceptible to bouts of road rage.

This vehicle set the bar high, meaning that subsequent rides for 007 had to grow more and more ridiculous over the years. Anyone remember the iceberg-shaped boat in A View to a Kill or the invisible car in Die Another Day?

With more and more Bond gadgets becoming reality, we can only hope to take a ride in a car like the DB5 before robots invent driverless cars equipped with machine guns just like this one to take us all out.

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