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Goldfinger Point of View

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Point of View

Just as Bond zig-zags across the globe in pursuit of Goldfinger, the plot of the film bounces around like a bullet from Bond's iconic Walther PPK ricocheting off a gold bar. Goldfinger's plot is less about making sense and more about just having a grand old time.

The opening to the film, in which Bond blows up a stash of heroin-filled bananas, isn't connected to anything. It's an excuse to have Bond wear a duck on his head, seduce a beautiful woman, and use the phrase "heroin-flavored bananas."

After that, the plot goes from 0 to crazy before you can say "Goldfinger." Goldfinger paints a girl gold and kills her. Why? Why not!? Bond plays golf with Goldfinger in a sequence that seems designed solely to lead up to the moment when Oddjob crushes a golf ball in the palm of his hand. Again, why not?

Goldfinger tries to cut Bond in half with a laser in a torture scene designed just for the thrill of showing off new technology. A vehicle is crushed into a cube just because the filmmakers can do it. They want to create as many over-the-top scenes as possible to keep audiences talking.

And they succeed. Goldfinger is a movie that somehow transcends the ridiculous and becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

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