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Goldfinger Director

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Guy Hamilton

Having turned down the opportunity to direct the first Bond film, when approached by Cubby Broccoli to direct Bond's third outing, Hamilton said, "I am not throwing away my shot"—(we're paraphrasing)—and took the helm of Goldfinger.

It paid off, as Goldfinger is considered by many Bond fans to be the best film in the entire series, and Hamilton gets a lot of credit for perfecting the Bond blend of action, humor, exotic locales, and beautiful dames (source). It's a blend more delicate than Bond's favorite martini.

Prior to Goldfinger Hamilton worked as John Huston's assistant director on The African Queen. Post-Finger, Hamilton would direct three more Bond films—Diamonds are Forever, Live and Let Die, and The Man with the Golden Gun. And although he directed two Agatha Christie adaptations in the 1980s, Goldfinger appears to be the gold standard among Hamilton's projects (source).

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