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Goldfinger Oddjob (Harold Sakata)

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Oddjob (Harold Sakata)

It's An Odd Job, But Somebody's Gotta Do It

Goldfinger is packed with firsts that would eventually become Bond staples, and one of them is the mysterious henchman who appears to have some sort of supernatural power. In Goldfinger, that henchman is Oddjob, a mute man with insane strength. He can throw a hat so hard that it knocks the head off a statue and kills a girl (not at the same time). And he can crush a golf ball in the palm of his hand.

If Goldfinger is the brains of the operation, Oddjob is clearly the brawn. Although both of them stink at playing golf.

Another solid trait of Oddjob is his loyalty. When locked in the vault with the nuke, Bond, and another henchman, Oddjob thwarts the other henchman's attempt to open the vault: he's willing to die for Goldfinger's plan. Maybe he has a bunch of little Oddjobs running around somewhere who could use the money to go to college and buy a lifetime supply of bowler hats?

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