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Goldfinger Lust

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BOND: I'll be on it, but first I have some unfinished business to attend to.

This is one of those double-entendres Bond is known for. His "business" has nothing to do with MI6. Maybe the captions should read "bizness" instead?

BOND: Is that all he pays you for?

JILL: And for being seen with him.

BOND: Just seen?

JILL: Just seen.

BOND: I'm so glad. You're much too nice to be mixed up in anything like this, don't you know?

Bond explores the virgin-whore complex with Jill (and later with Pussy), showing us that he lusts after women who are sexy but also "innocent," which is what he means when calls Jill "too nice." Jill is later killed, almost as punishment for having sex, as if this were a horror movie or something.

BOND: I can't. Something big's come up.

Here is another classic Bond double-entendre—and it shows that he isn't modest or humble, either.

M: You were supposed to observe Mr. Goldfinger. Not borrow his girlfriend.

M chastises Bond for getting, ahem, distracted from the mission at hand. Here is a case where Bond's lustful nature gets him into more trouble than necessary—although in this case, things are definitely worse for Jill than they are for Bond. At least Bond gets to live.

M: Don't charge in on him and spoil anything, will you? He's evidently well on top at the moment.

We're losing count of how many sex jokes there are in this movie. Those randy British…

BOND: You're a woman of many parts, Pussy.

Umm. Now we're not even sure if what Bond's saying is meant to be a sexual innuendo or not. All the words that come out of Bond's mouth when he's in the company of a beautiful woman sound like innuendos. Especially when they have names like, um, Miss Galore.

PUSSY: Good. You'll get your final briefing tonight.

Maybe one reason Bond is attracted to Pussy is that she's just as adept at sexual innuendos as he is.

BOND: What would it take for you to see things my way?

PUSSY: A lot more than you've got.

BOND: How do you know?

PUSSY: I don't want to know.

BOND: Isn't it customary to grant a condemned man his last request?

Bond is pushy, isn't he? Is it romantic that he keeps pursuing Pussy in the barn, or does he overstep his bounds and intrude upon her personal space?

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