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Goldfinger Technology and Modernization

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Technology and Modernization

Q: And incidentally we'd appreciate its return, along with your all other equipment…intact, for once, when you return from the field.

Q, the master of gadgetry, is introduced officially in Goldfinger. And he treats Bond like a child who is way too rough with his toys. Considering Bond completely wrecks everything by the end of the movie, Q's attitude is spot on.

GOLDFINGER: Smuggling is an art, Mr. Ling. And art requires…In this case, the bodywork of my Rolls Royce is 18-carat gold. We dismantle it here. Reduce the gold in this special furnace to ingots, which in turn will be released on the board and weigh approximately two tons. I make six trips a year to Europe in the Rolls Royce, Mr. Ling.

Goldfinger has an ingenious method of gold smuggling: he has a car made of gold that he melts down once it crosses international borders. On the other hand, it's probably bad for gas mileage.

GOLDFINGER: You are looking at an industrial laser, which emits an extraordinary light, not to be found in nature. It can project a spot on the moon. Or at closer range, cut through solid metal. I will show you.

If you ever need to put a dot on the moon, Goldfinger is your guy. Even the coolest technology can have some useless applications, like this app that makes your smartphone look like an electric shaver.

GOLDFINGER: Man has climbed Mount Everest. Gone to the bottom of the ocean. He has fired rockets to the moon. Split the atom. Achieved miracles in every field of human endeavor... except crime!

All good businessmen are able to find their niche. Goldfinger's is using technology to commit crime. Who would have predicted that Facebook would do it forty years later, committing grand theft on all our free time?

GOLDFINGER: An invisible nerve gas which disperses 15 minutes after inducing complete unconsciousness for 24 hours.

Either Goldfinger doesn't understand that this gas kills people, or he's not revealing that he knows it's deadly in order to keep Bond from becoming too concerned. Bond needs to team up with Erin Brockovich to get to the bottom of this one.

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