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Goldfinger Summary

Goldfinger opens with a duck swimming in the water. What is this, the Daily Show's "Moment of Zen"?

No. Things get a lot less Zen when the duck turns out to be a hat worn by James Bond to help him sneak undetected into a drug dealer's secret compound. Bond sets a bomb and blows the place sky high, then unzips his wetsuit to reveal one of the most impressive Bond gadgets of all time—a wrinkle-free suit.

In his dapper disguise, Bond slips into a nearby bar. No one suspects he's the one who just blew up the drug den. He reports to his contact in the bar, then decides to have another explosive encounter—this one with the bar's sultry dancer. Bond meets her in her room, where he is attacked by an armed thug. The dancer is knocked out in the struggle, which ends when Bond dumps his assailant into the bathtub and electrocutes him. A tragic end for Mr. Bubble.

Later, Bond's Miami Beach vacay is interrupted when his American colleague, Felix, gives him a mission from M—to foil the plot of Auric Goldfinger, who's been running a gambling scam by the pool. Bond discovers that Goldfinger has an informant in a hotel room who is spying on his opponent and telling him the contents of his hand through an earpiece.

Bond lets himself into Goldfinger's hotel room, where he finds the informant is a beautiful woman named Jill Masterson. In classic Bond fashion, he foils the bad guy's plot and gets the girl.

But not for long.

That evening, Bond is knocked unconscious in his room. When he wakes, he finds Jill dead and covered in gold paint. He suspects that Goldfinger, the "Man with the Midas touch" from the opening credits, is the culprit.

Back at headquarters, Bond is briefed on why MI6 has been keeping tabs on Goldfinger. The Treasury suspects he is smuggling gold out of the country. No, really: a man named Goldfinger smuggling gold? Perhaps they'd never have caught on if he were smuggling some other valuables, like diamonds or Hatchimals.

During a golf game, Bond attempts to seduce Goldfinger. No, not the way he seduces women: he seduces Goldfinger with the promise of a large gold bar, given to him by the Treasury to use as bait (although Goldfinger doesn't know that).

However, Bond wins at the golf game, despite Goldfinger trying to cheat his way to victory. His ego bruised, Goldfinger angrily leaves the country club, but not before ordering his caddie, Oddjob, to demonstrate his superhuman strength to Bond. Oddjob throws his hat so hard it decapitates a statue, and then he crushes a golf ball in the palm of his hand. Can Tiger Woods do that?

Unintimidated, Bond follows Goldfinger to Geneva. A beautiful woman distracts Bond temporarily, when she passes him on the highway. However, while Bond is spying on Goldfinger, the woman shoots at Bond from a distance with a sniper rifle. Sounds like her reckless driving isn't the most dangerous thing about her.

Bond pursues the gorgeous sniper, running her car off the road. Pretending it was a simple accident, he offers to give her a lift. In the car, the woman says her name is Tilly Soames, even though the initials on her case are T. M. Either she's a terrible speller, or she's lying.

Bond drops the lying sniper off at a garage, then continues to Goldfinger's compound. There, he learns that Goldfinger's car is made of gold. While not being very aerodynamic, the car enables Goldfinger to smuggle gold between countries simply by driving it across a border, then melting it down in his factory. Ingenious.


While eavesdropping, Bond overhears Goldfinger mention another plan—Operation Grand Slam. Will he be turning all Denny's pancakes into gold? Before he can learn what Operation Grand Slam is all about, Bond sees Tilly the sniper in the woods. Bond tackles her, and she confesses that she wasn't shooting at him—she was shooting at Goldfinger. And she's as bad a shot as she is bad at lying.

Tilly wants Goldfinger dead to avenge her sister. Bond realizes that Tilly is golden girl Jill's sister, and he wants to ally with her, although he wants Goldfinger alive. Unfortunately, Tilly is also bad at remaining undetected. She trips an alarm, forcing them to run from Goldfinger's henchmen.

After a high-speed chase, Bond and Tilly are cornered by Oddjob, who kills Tilly with a well-placed fling of his hat. Bond is taken hostage and strangely allowed to drive himself back to Goldfinger's lair. Can the bad guys not drive stick? Bond uses the Aston Martin's ejector seat to launch his captor into the stratosphere. He attempts to make a break for it but crashes into a wall. Too bad the Aston Martin didn't come equipped with external bumpers.

Bond regains consciousness in Goldfinger's inner sanctum, where he finds himself chained to a solid gold table. Not only is it tacky, but it also has a high-strength laser aimed right at it. Goldfinger activates the laser, which slowly slices the table in two as its deadly beam approaches Bond's Thunderballs.

Bond, better at lying than Tilly is, convinces Goldfinger that if he dies, he will be replaced by 008, who knows all about Operation Grand Slam. This is enough to convince Goldfinger to keep Bond alive, but captive, in one of the worst places humanly imaginable…oh, it's just Kentucky.

Once again knocked unconscious, Bond wakes up on Goldfinger's private jet, which is piloted by his private pilot, Pussy Galore. Pussy informs Bond that they're going to Goldfinger's Stud Farm in Kentucky, which must be the place Sean Connery was born. At the Farm, Bond is locked in a cell, which he soon breaks out of thanks to the fact that all of Goldfinger's henchmen are morons.

Sneaking through the farm, Bond is able to eavesdrop on Goldfinger and learn what Operation Grand Slam is really about: Goldfinger plans to rob Fort Knox of the U.S. gold reserves. Realizing it's futile to keep Bond captive, Goldfinger allows Bond to remain out of his cell, but he assigns Pussy to keep watch on Bond.

Having a mint julep with Goldfinger, Bond grills him on Operation Grand Slam. The whole plan is ridiculous. Pussy's pilots, named Pussy Galore's Flying Circus, will dump nerve gas over Fort Knox, knoxing out—err, knocking out all the soldiers. But Bond knows that Goldfinger can't possibly carry out all that heavy gold before reinforcements arrive.

That's when he realizes that Goldfinger doesn't plan to steal the Fort's gold. Goldfinger, in classic villain fashion, spills the golden beans to Bond: he plans to use a nuclear warhead to nuke the reserves, rendering the U.S. bankrupt and throwing the market into chaos. With the U.S. gold reserves gone, his own gold will be much more valuable. It really is quite genius.

But Bond still must stop him. He seduces Pussy in a barn in order to convince her to join him against Goldfinger. Unbeknownst to Goldfinger, Pussy's pilots drop fake gas onto Fort Knox, and all the soldiers pretend to be unconscious. They pretend a little too long, in our opinion, because Goldfinger uses his laser to enter Fort Knox's vaults and set up the bomb. Shouldn't they have stopped him as soon as he drove in?

Anyway, the soldiers eventually arrive and open fire on Goldfinger and his men. Goldfinger escapes to finger gold another day, but Bond is locked inside the vault with Oddjob. The henchman is virtually invincible, but Bond eventually gets the upper hand and electrocutes Oddjob with a severed cable.

The bomb defuser shows up with literally seven seconds remaining (007—get it?), and the day is saved. To thank Bond for his service, the president invites him to dinner. Hmm…but what about Goldfinger?

Of course Goldfinger's aboard the private jet to the White House. He and Bond struggle. Goldfinger's gun goes off, blowing a hole in one of the plane's windows. The jet depressurizes, and Goldfinger is sucked out the window, like a giant poo emoji being flushed down a narrow drain.

Pussy, in the pilot's seat, attempts to right the plane as it plummets toward the ocean. She fails. The plane explodes.

But Bond still has, like, 97 more movies to do, right? He's fine. He and Pussy bail out at the last minute, parachuting safely to the jungle below. Bond doesn't want to be rescued just yet. He pulls the parachute over him and Pussy like a bedsheet so they can have a few moments of privacy before the rescue party finds them.

  • Scene 1

    Scene 1

    • The film opens with the iconic Bond gun barrel sequence—the one in which Bond shoots us in the face.
    • This Bond is wearing a little hat. He does a cute little hop before turning to bust a cap between our eyes.
    • When Bond's mission begins, we see a greasy little bird swim up to a dock.
    • The bird turns out to be a disguise: Bond, in a wetsuit, is hiding beneath the water. He tosses the bird away and then uses a grappling hook to scale a wall.
    • After effortlessly knocking out a guard, Bond infiltrates a steel silo.
    • Inside the silo, which looks like a drug den, Bond sets up explosives to blow the place up.
    • Bond leaves and strips off the wetsuit, revealing an impeccable white tuxedo underneath. Can we get Q to send us some of these magically wrinkle-resistant clothes?
  • Scene 2

    Scene 2

    • As the silo explodes, Bond casually sidles up to a man at a nearby bar.
    • The man appears to be a comrade, and the two confirm that Mr. Ramirez's heroin-filled banana farm is officially out of business. We'll never look at a Chiquita banana the same way again.
    • Bond's informant tells 007 to avoid his hotel and get on a plane in an hour.
    • Bond has no problem not returning to his room—he'll spend some time in the room of a pretty dancer who shakes more than maracas.
    • The dancer gets out of a tub, all sudsed up in the right places—but it turns out to be a trap.
    • A man creeps out from the corner, planning to knock Bond out with a big stick.
    • Bond uses the dancer as a human shield, and she gets knocked out by the intruder.
    • Bond and the intruder struggle, and Bond tosses him into the bathtub.
    • Before you can say "rubber ducky," the thug grabs Bond's gun, which is hanging on the wall. But he doesn't have time to fire.
    • Bond throws an electric fan into the tub, zapping the man to death.
    • The dancer regains consciousness, but Bond leaves. She's going to have a nasty ring around her tub to scrub clean.
  • Scene 3

    Scene 3

    • The title sequence begins with a golden hand on a black background. What does a golden hand have four of? Goldfingers, of course. And a goldthumb, but that wouldn't be as catchy a title.
    • The song is about a man with a heart of gold—as in, it's cold—and a kiss of death. Is he goldlips too?
    • After the song, we're welcomed to Miami Beach.
    • A man in a three-piece suit and Panama hat is way too overdressed for poolside. His name is Felix, and he finds Bond getting a massage by the pool.
    • Bond is in tiny blue pool shorts. Some might say he is also overdressed for poolside.
    • Bond dismisses his lady masseuse to collect his new mission—to keep tabs on Auric Goldfinger.
    • Goldfinger owns "one of the finest stud farms" in the U.S. Maybe he's looking to gather Bond for his collection?
    • Speak of the devil—Goldfinger shows up to play cards with a man.
    • Goldfinger is a portly, copper-haired man in a yellow bathrobe that does his complexion no favors.
    • Bond watches the two men play high-stakes gin, then decides to break into Goldfinger's hotel room.
    • Using a maid's key, Bond enters the suite, where he finds a woman spying on the card game.
    • The woman is telling Goldfinger every card in his opponent's hand, and Goldfinger is listening in with a little earpiece.
    • Bond turns off the radio, putting an end to Goldfinger's winning streak.
    • The spy's name is Jill Masterson.
    • Bond speaks into the radio and tells Goldfinger that his "luck has changed" and that he will alert the police if Goldfinger doesn't do what he says.
    • Bond orders Goldfinger to lose $15,000 in the gin game.
    • Goldfinger starts losing, but he isn't happy about it.
  • Scene 4

    Scene 4

    • Bond invites Jill to his room for some, um, room service.
    • Bond gets out of bed to retrieve some chilled champagne from the fridge, and a man karate chops him unconscious.
    • When Bond wakes up, Jill is dead.
    • Not only dead, but painted solid gold.
    • Back at MI6, Bond declares that he knows Goldfinger killed Jill. Painting a woman gold is a heck of a calling card.
    • M threatens to replace Bond with 008 for being so irresponsible as to steal Goldfinger's girlfriend.
    • Bond demands to know why they're tracking Goldfinger.
    • M says to meet him at 7:00pm, with a black tie. Does Bond own any other color of tie?
    • In the lobby, Moneypenny invites Bond to dinner, but he says he has a business engagement.
    • Bond and Moneypenny flirt for a bit, as usual, before Bond departs.
  • Scene 5

    Scene 5

    • That night, Bond has a hot date with M and a man named Colonel Smithers from the Bank of England. (No relation to Mr. Burns from the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.)
    • The men are talking about bullion, and we don't mean the little cubes you put in soup.
    • Smithers says that Goldfinger is living up to his name by smuggling gold between countries.
    • It's Bond's job to figure out how Goldfinger's getting gold out of the country.
    • Bond wants bait, and Smithers has it—a giant chunk of gold worth five thousand pounds.
    • That's a heavy bar.
    • In the morning, Bond reports to Q branch for his gadgets.
    • Q gives Bond a slick ride—an Aston Martin DB5.
    • The car has bulletproof glass, a homing device, a radar, smokescreen, oil slicks, machine guns, and an ejector seat. Sounds like a fun ride.
  • Scene 6

    Scene 6

    • Bond sets himself up to play a game of golf with Goldfinger.
    • Mr. Finger's caddy is a Korean man in a black bowler hat named Oddjob. The man, not the hat.
    • Bond is suspicious of the caddy. Could he be the man who knocked Bond out in Miami?
    • While making a putt, Goldfinger says he suspects Bond has motivations other than golf.
    • Bond drops the five-thousand-pound gold bar onto the green.
    • They're never going to be able to pick that thing up.
    • Naturally, Goldfinger wants to bet the gold bar on the winner of the golf game.
    • Bond takes him up on the bet.
    • With an expensive gold bar on the line, golf has never been more exciting.
    • Scratch that. Golf still isn't exciting.
    • Goldfinger will never be known as Golf-finger. ("He's the man, the man with the Double Bogey touch.") He's so bad that he hits his ball into the rough.
    • Oddjob helps Goldfinger cheat by dropping a ball near the fairway.
    • Bond knows Goldfinger's cheating, but he plays along.
    • On the final hole, Bond switches balls, but Goldfinger doesn't realize it.
    • When Bond reveals the switch, he says that Goldfinger loses the hole for "accidentally" playing the wrong ball.
    • Goldfinger is so mad, we're surprised he doesn't bend his putter in half.
  • Scene 7

    Scene 7

    • Before departing from the country club, Goldfinger warns Bond against meddling in his affairs any longer.
    • To demonstrate why, Goldfinger has Oddjob do a little trick.
    • Oddjob throws his hat, and its razor brim decapitates a marble statue.
    • Before Oddjob drives away, Bond gives him the golf ball.
    • Oddjob crushes the ball to dust in his hand.
    • Bond triggers the tracking device, which he has planted on Goldfinger's car, and he tracks the car with the radio in his Aston Martin.
    • Bond discovers that Goldfinger is headed to Geneva.
    • Bond hops on a plane and follows the crooks through the twisty Alpine roads.
    • On the road, Bond gets distracted by a woman who drives more quickly than he does. She passes him on the road, honking at him for driving too slowly.
    • Bond wants to follow the woman, but he stays on course, following Goldfinger and Oddjob.
    • When Bond stops to spy on Goldfinger, the woman, perched high atop a nearby cliff, takes a shot at Bond with a sniper rifle.
    • The woman misses. Is she a bad shot, or did she miss on purpose?
    • On the road again, Bond somehow finds himself ahead of the woman. He teases her a bit by speeding up and slowing down in front of her.
    • When Bond finally lets the woman pass, he uses the Aston Martin's gadgets to puncture her tires.
    • The woman spins off the road as if she hit a banana peel.
  • Scene 8

    Scene 8

    • Bond pulls over to help the woman he forced off the road.
    • The woman demands to be taken to the nearest garage.
    • In the car, the woman tells Bond her name is Tilly Soames.
    • But Bond is suspicious. The woman has a case with the initials T. M. Maybe her case is trademarked?
    • Tilly—if that is her name—says the case is for her ice skates. Mmm, yeah right. And we're Johnny Weir.
    • Tilly says it'll take 24 hours to get new tires, but she declines Bond's offer to take her to hotel.
    • Bond speeds away and resumes tracking Goldfinger.
    • It's easy. Goldfinger's in a building that says AURIC ENTERPRISES in really, really big letters on the side.
    • Bond waits until nightfall, then sneaks onto the property.
    • The Swiss factory is manned by Chinese men who are melting down a Rolls Royce which was made of gold.
    • Goldfinger is talking to a Mr. Ling about something called Operation Grand Slam. Will he be poisoning pancakes at Denny's?
    • Bond retreats to the outskirts of the property, where he bumps into who else but "Tilly" setting her sights—as in sniper-rifle sights—on Goldfinger.
    • Bond tackles Tilly and demands to know why she wants Goldfinger dead.
    • Tilly says Goldfinger killed her sister, and Bond realizes that the T. M. must stand for Tilly Masterson, sister of Solid Gold Jill.
    • When Tilly struggles under Bond's grip, they accidentally trip an alarm. She's a terrible shot, and she's bad at staying undetected.
  • Scene 9

    Scene 9

    • Bond and Tilly speed away, but the Chinese guards pursue their car.
    • Bond uses the Aston Martin's smoke screen to throw one car off their trail. For another, he uses an oil slick, which causes the pursuer to spin off a cliff and explode into a massive fireball.
    • The road dead ends, and Bond gets out of the car to shoot at the guards.
    • Tilly runs for the woods, but Oddjob appears and knocks her out with a throw of his hat.
    • Bond rushes to Tilly's side and discovers that she's not just unconscious—she's dead. But at least she got to keep her head.
    • The guards capture Bond and take him back to the Goldfinger compound.
    • For some stupid reason, the guards have Bond drive himself back to the compound with an armed guard in the passenger seat.
    • Bond ejects his unsuspecting—and stupid—passenger and tries to make a break for it.
    • An old woman at the guard station opens fire with a machine gun, forcing Bond to turn around and race through the compound.
    • It doesn't end well. Bond ends up crashing into a wall. Too bad the Aston Martin doesn't come equipped with a giant drill.
  • Scene 10

    Scene 10

    • Bond wakes up strapped to a table.
    • Goldfinger taunts Bond, then fires up a giant laser which cuts through the golden table Bond is tied to. And it's heading right for Bond's groin. This is going to be a heck of a bris.
    • Bond says he knows about Operation Grand Slam, and without getting any more information, Goldfinger decides Bond is worth more to him alive.
    • Then Goldfinger shoots Bond with a tranquilizer gun.
    • Bond wakes up with a beautiful blonde looking at him.
    • The blonde says her name is Pussy Galore.
    • Bond responds, "I must be dreaming."
    • He's not. This woman is the pilot on Goldfinger's private jet to Kentucky.
    • The only thing more ridiculous than being named Pussy Galore is the fact that the debonair globetrotter James Bond is headed to Kentucky.
  • Scene 11

    Scene 11

    • Bond flirts with Ms. Galore, but she swears she's immune to his charms.
    • Even though Bond is Goldfinger's hostage, the baddies have kept up with his luggage better than some airlines do.
    • With his suitcase, Bond goes into the bathroom to change.
    • The bathroom on Goldfinger's jet looks like something from Trump Tower.
    • Bond activates his homing device and hides it in his shoe, then finishes changing clothes.
    • Pussy points a gun at Bond and tells him to get ready for landing. She is serious about him making sure his tray table is up and his seat is in the upright position.
  • Scene 12

    Scene 12

    • The plane lands in the most glamorous place Bond has ever visited: Kentucky.
    • Pussy escorts Bond to a car, where Oddjob is waiting.
    • Is Oddjob in a bluegrass band? Why are we in Kentucky?
    • They all drive away. Pussy assures them they'll get their "final briefing" tonight.
    • Oddjob takes Bond to the place where he belongs—the Stud Farm.
    • Goldfinger orders Oddjob to show Bond to his quarters.
  • Scene 13

    Scene 13

    • Bond's quarters are much less luxurious on the farm than they were in the plush private jet.
    • Here Bond is put into a little jail cell with a lumpy mattress.
    • Felix and a CIA colleague, who appear to have stopped at a local Kentucky Fried Chicken, are tracking Bond's radar signal from the restaurant.
    • In a large room, Goldfinger is doing business with mob bosses from across the country. He promises them not only that he can give them each $10 million, but also that he can do it on a Sunday.
    • Goldfinger mashes a button on the pool table, which transforms the table into some sort of control panel.
    • Goldie uses the control panel to pull up a giant map. He tells the mobsters his plan: he'll knock off Fort Knox and empty the U.S.'s gold supply by $15 billion.
    • Goldfinger opens up the floor, within which lies a little 3D model of Fort Knox.
  • Scene 14

    Scene 14

    • Back in his cell, Bond hides until Goldfinger's guard—almost as stupid as the one who let Bond drive himself back in Switzerland—opens the door.
    • Bond disarms the man and escapes.
    • Bond prowls Goldfinger's catacombs until he finds himself inside the little model of Fort Knox.
    • There, Bond can eavesdrop on Goldfinger's plan to infiltrate Fort Knox—Operation Grand Slam.
    • The plot involves nerve gas sprayed by Pussy Galore's Flying Circus.
    • Bond writes a secret note to MI6 and wraps his radar device in it.
    • But while he is distracted, Bond is yanked down by Pussy, who confiscates his gun.
    • Upstairs in the great room, the mobsters play with toy cars on the Fort Knox model.
    • Goldfinger decides to try out the nerve gas: he uses it to knock them all out. He must not like to share his Hot Wheels.
  • Scene 15

    Scene 15

    • Outside, Bond meets Mr. Solo, the one mobster who is leaving.
    • Bond plants his radar tracking device in Solo's pocket.
    • Felix is still having a finger-lickin' good time at KFC when the radar beeps.
    • However, Solo isn't being taken to the airport, as he thought.
    • Oddjob shoots Solo and takes the car to a scrapyard, where it is crushed into a little cube with the body still inside.
    • The cube is put into the back of another car, and Oddjob drives it away.
    • The CIA agents are dismayed to see the radar signal go dead. Oh, well. Time for more chicken wings.
  • Scene 16

    Scene 16

    • Back at the farm, Pussy says she plans to use her cut of the Fort Knox loot to buy a private island. And she means private: she wants to put up a "No Trespassing" sign and never see anyone again.
    • Goldfinger spots the CIA agents spying on them with binoculars from a bush. These guys are almost as dumb as Goldfinger's guards.
    • To convince them that Bond doesn't need help, Goldfinger sends someone to take Bond to dinner. And he asks Pussy to change into something a little more "suitable" for the dashing spy.
    • Goldfinger offers Bond a mint julep, which is pretty much a tumbler of bourbon with a sprig of mint floating in it.
    • Bond attempts to tell Goldfinger that Operation Grand Slam will never work, because he won't have enough time to get the gold out.
    • Goldfinger says he doesn't plan to steal the gold.
    • Bond realizes that Goldfinger is going to blow up the U.S.'s entire gold supply with a nuclear bomb. That would cause an economic disaster and increase the value of Goldfinger's own gold stores.
    • Diabolical.
    • Goldfinger warns Bond not to try and find the nuke, because if his men look for it, it could go off anywhere—the White House, a Navy submarine station, Starbucks.
    • Mr. Finger leaves, and Pussy emerges to escort Bond to dinner.
    • Bond pulls Pussy into the barn in an attempt to seduce her into double-crossing Goldfinger and joining him.
    • Pussy is not interested in betraying her boss or sleeping with Bond.
    • The only roll in the hay the two have is when Pussy flips Bond into a haystack to fend off his advances.
    • Pussy and Bond tussle in the straw until Bond finally forces a kiss upon her.
    • After that, Pussy's putty in his hands. Putty Galore.
  • Scene 17

    Scene 17

    • Pussy orders her Flying Circus to commence operation "Rock-a-Bye Baby."
    • The planes take off for Fort Knox.
    • The planes spray gas over the facility, and all the soldiers collapse instantly.
    • When all the soldiers are "asleep," the pilots radio Goldfinger's men to tell them it's safe to enter the compound.
    • Wearing gas masks, Oddjob and his men (with Bond in tow) drive jeeps to Fort Knox. They're so evil, they drive right past the DO NOT ENTER sign, and they don't even stop at the red light.
    • The baddies blow up the electric fence around the bunker where the gold is stored. And in they go.
    • With Goldfinger's special crotch-blasting laser, the baddies cut through the door to the gold bunker.
    • After the door is torn off, Goldfinger arrives in style, in a helicopter piloted by Pussy.
    • Goldfinger's men unload the nuke crate from the 'copter, and Goldfinger's associate, Mr. Ling, unlocks the crate.
    • The bomb is armed, and there are only four minutes until explosion.
    • Outside, all the soldiers get up. They were only pretending to be asleep.
    • The CIA sends in the bomb disposal unit, but they better hurry—Bond is locked in the gold-filled safe, and he's handcuffed to the bomb.
  • Scene 18

    Scene 18

    • The army takes out Goldfinger's men.
    • In a panic, Goldfinger shuts Oddjob and another henchman, Kisch, inside the safe.
    • Then Goldfinger dresses up as a general and evades capture, proving that every soldier in this movie, regardless of affiliation, is a moron.
    • Inside the safe, Oddjob throws Kisch to his death.
    • Bond retrieves the handcuff keys from Kisch's body and frees himself from the bomb.
    • Oddjob throws his razor-brimmed hat at Bond, severing an electrical cable.
    • Bond chucks a gold bar at Oddjob, but it doesn't faze him. The man appears to be impenetrable, not even flinching when Bond punches him in the face.
    • Oddjob throws Bond around a bit. Why doesn't he just use his patented knock-out karate-chop maneuver?
    • Instead, Oddjob throws Bond into the corner near the sizzling electrical cable and the hat of death.
    • Bond throws the hat, getting it stuck in a metal cage.
    • When Oddjob goes to retrieve his hat, Bond shocks him with the electrical cable, killing him.
    • A shocking end, indeed.
    • Outside, the U.S. military exchanges fire with Goldfinger's men.
    • Someone opens the door to the safe, and the firefight moves inside.
    • Bond cracks open the casing for the nuke, and with 19 seconds remaining, he attempts to disarm it.
    • Just in time, the bomb defuser arrives and disarms the nuke. Whew. With only seven seconds to spare.
    • Hmm, what could be the significance of that number?
  • Scene 19

    Scene 19

    • Later, Felix says goodbye to James as he boards a jet to have lunch at the White House.
    • The not-so-private jet has an unexpected stowaway—the Man with the Golden Gun himself, Goldfinger.
    • Bond warns Goldfinger not to fire the gun inside, as it could depressurize the aircraft.
    • Bond and Goldfinger struggle, and, of course, the gun goes off, shattering a window.
    • Goldfinger—a large man—is sucked out of a very small window to his death.
    • Pussy, piloting the plummeting plane, tries to keep it from crashing.
    • Pussy fails. The plane goes into the water and explodes.
    • But we see that Bond and Pussy have parachuted to safety.
    • Pussy attempts to signal the rescue crew, but Bond grabs her.
    • Bond pulls Pussy under the parachute for one last rendezvous.
    • The end.