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Goldfinger Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • The film opens with the iconic Bond gun barrel sequence—the one in which Bond shoots us in the face.
  • This Bond is wearing a little hat. He does a cute little hop before turning to bust a cap between our eyes.
  • When Bond's mission begins, we see a greasy little bird swim up to a dock.
  • The bird turns out to be a disguise: Bond, in a wetsuit, is hiding beneath the water. He tosses the bird away and then uses a grappling hook to scale a wall.
  • After effortlessly knocking out a guard, Bond infiltrates a steel silo.
  • Inside the silo, which looks like a drug den, Bond sets up explosives to blow the place up.
  • Bond leaves and strips off the wetsuit, revealing an impeccable white tuxedo underneath. Can we get Q to send us some of these magically wrinkle-resistant clothes?

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