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Goldfinger Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • Bond's quarters are much less luxurious on the farm than they were in the plush private jet.
  • Here Bond is put into a little jail cell with a lumpy mattress.
  • Felix and a CIA colleague, who appear to have stopped at a local Kentucky Fried Chicken, are tracking Bond's radar signal from the restaurant.
  • In a large room, Goldfinger is doing business with mob bosses from across the country. He promises them not only that he can give them each $10 million, but also that he can do it on a Sunday.
  • Goldfinger mashes a button on the pool table, which transforms the table into some sort of control panel.
  • Goldie uses the control panel to pull up a giant map. He tells the mobsters his plan: he'll knock off Fort Knox and empty the U.S.'s gold supply by $15 billion.
  • Goldfinger opens up the floor, within which lies a little 3D model of Fort Knox.

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